Benji & Bahir

Benji Lim & Bahir Yeusuff

Benji Lim and Bahir Yeusuff are a young directing / producing team in the beginning of their careers. Since co-founding their own production entity ‘Perantauan Pictures’ with collaborator Arivind Abraham in 2004, they have made various TV programs as well as independent feature films – including the critically acclaimed ‘S’kali’ – which was released exclusively by Cathay Cineplex in 2006. This team has since completed two more feature length films – ‘5.13’ and ‘The Joshua Tapes’ – both of which are expected to release in 2010. Individually, Bahir has produced film projects since he was at college and continues to do so professionally now, while Benji has shot, written and directed numerous films since attending the Electronic Media Film program at Towson University in Maryland – including the Towson Media Festival nominated documentary ‘Shook!’ and a successful series of Internet viral advertisements for Tiger Beer. They have been friends since secondary school.



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