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  • Jiwa Merdeka (original version)
    Jiwa Merdeka (original version)

    Hari Kebangsaan ke-51 2008

  • One Eight - Kuala Lumpur Protest
    One Eight - Kuala Lumpur Protest

    The Internal Security Act (ISA) is a preventive detention law which allows for police arrest and detention without need for evidence nor proof of guilt. On 1st August 2009, twenty thousand Malaysians marched in the streets of Kuala Lumpur to protest agai

  • ????????? How are you, teacher?
    ????????? How are you, teacher?

    My first independent film.

  • I\'m a Freak (mamak video)
    I'm a Freak (mamak video)

    A music video about the Malaysian mamak culture. Lyrics written by Ashraf & Alfred Beats by dj Taraz Produced by The Moving Pictures collaborative


    A tale of funny family .....,Huh...What's special about this clip? The answer is , Dominic acts the 5 characters by himself.....

  • A Tribute To Yasmin Ahmad (Malay Version)
    A Tribute To Yasmin Ahmad (Malay Version)

    I first come to know about this mural from a link at Facebook, and I told myself I have to see by myself when I'm back to Malaysia. Now, I have done that and I hope the mural will remain there to remind us what a wonderful person Yasmin Ahmad has been.

  • NE....???

    Many Faces Many Voices, One Malaysia Produce by Katak Chua Special thanks to: Xiao Wei, Joel Tan, Shawn Ng, Aiden Chong, Sewei, Ben, Devan, Kevin, all the pedestrians, and the noisy little girl in the bus who gave me inspiration.

  • Tidal Tales
    Tidal Tales

    10 minutes NCA edition Winner of Astro Nextgen Contentpreneur 2009 *REVOLUTIONARY DOCUMENTARY* *PHENOMENAL ART DIRECTION* Tidal Tales is a documentary which tells the story of the last generation of fishermen in Segenting who use a unique method known

  • Satu Remaja Satu MALAYSIA by CAMNI CAP EHH!!
    Satu Remaja Satu MALAYSIA by CAMNI CAP EHH!!

    This video is dedicated solely for the sake of our beloved Malaysia. We want to show our love for Malaysia , even though we do not have the budget , the equipment , in fact this video can be considered as an amateur piece of work. It is because the editor

  • Ong Tee Keat\'s thoughts on 15Malaysia
    Ong Tee Keat's thoughts on 15Malaysia

    diversity in terms of thoughts that we could see everyday, some are cynical some are critical and some are very constructive, and this is what we want - a growing sense of maturity in the cyberspace.

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